The village of Cerdon, in the northern Bugey mountains
Detail: Official icon of Jean-Claude Colin, with Blessed Virgin and Child
Barbery: Cross on the site of the Colin home
Forest of Barbery: hiding place for priests during Revolutionaries' raids - and of quiet for the young Jean-Claude
St Bonnet-le-Troncy, boyhood home of Jean-Claude Colin
River Loire, which flows past the minor seminary of St Jodard
Lyon, Fourvière: ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin and Basilica
Fourvière: sanctuary of the ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin.
Cerdon: Fr Colin's first appointment as assistant to his brother, Pierre.
Cerdon: statue in the church of St John the Baptist
Presbytery at Cerdon: home for the first nine years of Jean-Claude's priestly life.
Belley: Minor seminary high school where pioneer Bugey missioners lived
Bugey mountains: village of Lacoux
Bugey mountains: church at Innimont
Bugey mountains: church at Innimont
Bugey mountains: statue at Arandas
Rome: The Quirinale, residence of the Popes at the time of Fr Colin's first visits
Rome: Odescalchi Palace, from the church of the Apostles where Fr Colin stayed in 1833
Belley: Chapel of La Capucinière, first Marist professions, 1836
Lyon, Puylata: General House of the Society of Mary from 1838
Rochefort du Gard: one of the shrines undertaken by Fr Colin and the Marists
Toulon, La Seyne: One of the first high schools established by the Marist Fathers
Marcellange: established by Fr Colin as a place of retreat for his missioners
Trappist monastery at Aiguebelle: Fr Colin would make private retreats here
La Neylière: planned by Fr Colin to be a place of silence and retreat
La Neylière: book belonging to Fr Colin
La Neylière: Fr Colin's study
La Neylière: winter sunset, from the room of Fr Colin
La Neylière: bedroom of Fr Colin
La Neylière: crucifix laid in the hands of Fr Colin upon his death
La Neylière: resting place of Fr Colin

History of the Cause


Cause Chron cover 0623  
'Chronology (1875-2023) of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin'
Summary chronology of the Cause prepared for the General Chapter of 2017, with updates

Cause Coste cover
Selected Comments of Fr Jean Coste
A response to the four objections to Fr Colin's Cause (1993 General Chapter)
Final remarks (1993 General Chapter)
Speaking to Fr Colin (1990 Bicentenary)

Cause Reluctant Saint cover 2
'Reluctant Saint? -- The Cause for Beatification of  Marist Founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin'
A brief chronology of the Cause of Fr Colin, first published in NZ Marist Messenger, Mar 2018.


Cause Schianchi 0513 0213 C MSchianchi 3
See also Fr Carlo-Maria's article in 'Forum Novum', Jan 2013,
'Causa Colin - Yesterday & Today'
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