The village of Cerdon, in the northern Bugey mountains
Detail: Official icon of Jean-Claude Colin, with Blessed Virgin and Child
Barbery: Cross on the site of the Colin home
Forest of Barbery: hiding place for priests during Revolutionaries' raids - and of quiet for the young Jean-Claude
St Bonnet-le-Troncy, boyhood home of Jean-Claude Colin
River Loire, which flows past the minor seminary of St Jodard
Lyon, Fourvière: ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin and Basilica
Fourvière: sanctuary of the ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin.
Cerdon: Fr Colin's first appointment as assistant to his brother, Pierre.
Cerdon: statue in the church of St John the Baptist
Presbytery at Cerdon: home for the first nine years of Jean-Claude's priestly life.
Belley: Minor seminary high school where pioneer Bugey missioners lived
Bugey mountains: village of Lacoux
Bugey mountains: church at Innimont
Bugey mountains: church at Innimont
Bugey mountains: statue at Arandas
Rome: The Quirinale, residence of the Popes at the time of Fr Colin's first visits
Rome: Odescalchi Palace, from the church of the Apostles where Fr Colin stayed in 1833
Belley: Chapel of La Capucinière, first Marist professions, 1836
Lyon, Puylata: General House of the Society of Mary from 1838
Rochefort du Gard: one of the shrines undertaken by Fr Colin and the Marists
Toulon, La Seyne: One of the first high schools established by the Marist Fathers
Marcellange: established by Fr Colin as a place of retreat for his missioners
Trappist monastery at Aiguebelle: Fr Colin would make private retreats here
La Neylière: planned by Fr Colin to be a place of silence and retreat
La Neylière: book belonging to Fr Colin
La Neylière: Fr Colin's study
La Neylière: winter sunset, from the room of Fr Colin
La Neylière: bedroom of Fr Colin
La Neylière: crucifix laid in the hands of Fr Colin upon his death
La Neylière: resting place of Fr Colin

Seeking graces

Our Church believes that the Saints in Heaven intercede for those of us on earth.
In the process of seeking Beatification and Canonisation of a holy person, we seek graces from God through the intercession of that person.
Marists, their families and friends seek the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin. 
Postulator of Fr Colin's Cause, Fr Carlo-Maria Schianchi SM, advises: 'Do not necessarily ask for a miracle through the intercession of Fr Colin. Ask, rather, for graces.'
Sometimes in God's kindness the grace may be miraculous.
Throughout the world a growing number of people are seeking graces through the intercession of Fr Colin.
On this page are some of those people and the graces they are seeking.
Let us pray for them through the intercession of Fr Colin...


Prayers: For bookmark prayers for graces through the intercession of Jeamn-Claude Colin: click here
Hannah Bennett     |      Fr Seluini 'Akau'ola     |     Acura (Kobo) Seru     |     Fr Lou Molloy SM     |     Fr Pat Muckian SM     |     Sr Jhorna Gomes SMSM     |     Anthony de Salis   |     Sr Nanise Dengei SOLN


0918 Hannah Bennett ps

Hannah Bennett

Hannah (22) lives in Sydney, Australia.
In August 2017 Hannah (then 20) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
With our Marist Family, her family seeks the grace of healing for Hannah through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin.
For the latest update from Hannah click here.  To download the bookmark prayer, click here.
 Seluini 0621

Fr Seluini 'Akau'ola SM

From Suva, Fiji, the Marist leadership team report: 'Our communities are praying for grace through Colin’s intercession for Fr Seluini ‘Akau’ola SM who is fighting cancer of the liver, presently in Sydney for medications and treatment.' (Jun 2021)






Acura (Kobo) Seru

Acura Seru (known to many as Kobo - pronounced "kombo") has been associated with the Marist Sisters, Marist Fathers and SMSM for most of his life. He sustained severe head injuries during an incident in early Feb 2021.
A skilled carpenter, jack-of-all-trades, hardworking, honest and resourceful, Kobo (43) is married with five children and a disabled mother and has been, according to the Nazareth Prayer Centre staff, 'our St Joseph', working for many years two days a week at the Centre, one day a week at SMSM run Stella Maris Primary School and four days a week maintaining the SMSM houses and property in Suva.
Nazareth's Sr Denise McMahon SMSM reports: 'We have begun a novena to Venerable Fr Colin seeking his intercession for the healing of Kobo.'
For the latest update on Kobo: click here
Molloy Lou 1117 1e  

Fr Lou Molloy SM

Fr Lou is a Marist of the Australian Province, living in Ballina, NSW. Following a diagnosis of advanced cancer in mid-2020, Fr Lou seeks the graces of courage, peace of mind and body and of understanding what the Lord is asking of him at this stage of his journey. 
For the latest update from Fr Lou click here.
0920 Pat Muckian InPixio 2

Fr Pat Muckian SM

Fr Pat serves in the Marist Mission District of Asia and is based in the southern province of Mindanao. He is presently in his native Ireland beginning several months of chemotherapy (Oct 2020).
With his confrères throughout the world he seeks the grace of successful treatment, through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin.
For the latest update from Fr Pat click here.

 Sr Jhorna SMSM 1119 crp

Sr Jhorna Gomes SMSM

Sr Jhorna is the first Bengali woman to become a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary.  In recent times she has been on mission in Jamaica.
Sr Jhorna (50) has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized. Her Sisters invite you to join them in praying for healing through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin.
Click to download the bookmark prayer and novena for Sr Jhorna.  Click for latest update.
 Anthony De Salis 1219 6ee

Anthony de Salis

Anthony (21) lives in Canberra, A.C.T., Australia, the nephew of Fr Michael Rego SM.
In September 2019, in his final year of biochemistry studies at
Australian National University, he was diagnosed with
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Anthony and his family seek the grace of healing for him through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin.
Click to download the bookmark prayer and novena for Anthony. Click for latest update.


0220 Sr Nanise 1e jpg'

Sr Nanise Dengei SOLN

Sr Nani is Mother-General of the Sisters of Our Lady of Nazareth. 
Her sisters report: 'She has been ill for some time. Her going to Australia confirmed to all of us that she has cancer and already spreading to all parts of the body and has had two operations already, one for her right leg and one for the brain. After the brain surgery, the left leg became affected and she could not walk. We are hoping now that hip replacement will enable her to walk.
'We are praying for Sr Nani through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin.'
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 Reluctant Founder 0918 JCC bio 18

Prayers of thanks

When graces are received, those once seeking graces pray in gratitude for blessings received through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin and the prayers of others.
Click here for Fr Justin Taylor's final update


Some of those seeking graces through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin,  aware of the seriousness of their condition, have sought the blessings of a holy and happy death. For others, those supporting them in prayer have prayed for those same graces.
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