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New tombstone for Fr Colin

As part of the renovation of La Neylière, France, the resting place of Jean-Claude Colin now has a new tombstone.  It is the third such stone in the history of the Marist Founder's interment at La Neylière. 

0915-La-Neyliere---1new-tombstonUpon his death in 1875 Fr Colin was buried in the grounds of La Neylière, a privilege then reserved to title-holders of the land.  A new, large chapel was soon constructed and Fr Colin's remains re-interred near a side altar-shrine to Our Blessed Mother.

The inscription on the tombstone read simply: 'Joannes Claudius Colin. Pater, ora pro filiis' -- 'Jean-Claude Colin. Father, pray for your sons'.

An ecclesiatical inspection around 1960 saw the Founder's remains re-interred yet again in a new coffin and with a new tombstone -- with the Latin word 'filiis' misspelt as 'filis', catching the sharp eyes of Marists visitors to the grave for over half a century. 

The new, elevated tombstone replaces the previous one mounted flush to the floor and occasionally subject to covering by chairs and benches - to the chagrin of many a Marist pilgrim.

At long last these wrongs have been righted.



The history of the misspelling: 

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0915-La Neyl grave - old pic 1J grave 05120915-La-Neyl-grave---LN-Ora


Sep 10, 2015